SMT offer many tank solutions from rainwater, to septic and retention/detention tanks. We can install and provide solutions for all your tank needs.

All septic tank/aerobic tank systems are installed as per manufacturers' and council requirements. SMT also offer the service of soakage trenches as some homes may need these as well as the septic tank/aerobic tank system. SMT can also install Gross Pollutant Traps and Grease arresters for commercial sites, and any underground tank they may need.

Read on for more detail on each of the most common tank solutions we offer.

Retention/Detention Tanks

You're building a new house and your plans call for a 2000L stormwater detention tank, but you don’t know what that is? Basically, a detention tank slows down how fast the rain off your roof gets into the stormwater under the streets by directing the water into a retention tank before it eventually fills and overflows to stormwater after the initial downpour.

A detention tank is usually called for when the existing stormwater infrastructure is not adequate. In newly built areas the stormwater systems have been built to take a lot of water to go through the stormwater system, but older areas that now have more dwellings on them than before haven’t been designed to take extra roof water into the stormwater system - This is where detention tanks come in. It collects all the roof water into a tank, which can be either underground, or above ground like a rainwater tank depending on what your council requires.

Once collected it slowly releases the water to into the stormwater system. Depending on what has been specified the water may take hours to get into the stormwater drain system. A stormwater detention tank will normally be empty except for when it rains and immediately afterwards.

Sometimes the council may combine a retention and detention tank together. All this means is that the retention part of the tank will hold onto the water, which normally gets used for toilets or the garden. As seen in the picture below.

Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater tanks collect all the roof water into a tank, sometimes it may be a retention/detention tank as talked about previously, or just a plain rainwater tank to catch all your water. Sometimes it's hooked up to the toilet or garden to help with saving water, and it may have an automatic switch to change over to mains water once the tank is low on water.

If you want to find out more about rainwater tanks click on this link to see the range of different tanks Eco Building Supplies have. They are a company we work with for tanks and stormwater pumps. Once you have picked your tank, we can coordinate with Eco Building Supplies to install your new tank.

Septic Tanks

Some areas of Adelaide will require you to have a septic tank for all your waste to go into, instead of a drain connected to the main sewage drains. This waste includes your toilet, sinks, shower and laundry all going to the septic tank. The size of your house will determine how big, and what type of septic tank you will need.

In the septic tank your waste gets treated and separated. The solid material is turned to sludge and the liquid is called effluent. This liquid is then sometimes released into a septic drain field for further treatment and the sludge must be removed manually by a vacuum process.

If you want to know more about Septic tanks and how they work feel free to click on the links provided to the companies we choose to purchase septic tanks from, for our clients.
RI Industries - Quality Engineer-designed Septic Tanks
BioCycle - Leaders in Wastewater Treatment Systems  

SMT can provide your septic tank if you know which tank you need. If not we would recommend going and see a specialist about which tank to use. We can coordinate with your preferred septic tank provider to arrange delivery and installation for you.

Gross Pollutant Traps & Grease Arrestors

SMT can also install Gross Pollutant Traps and Grease arresters for commercial sites, and any underground tank they may need.

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