Sump Pumps

Sumps and Sump Pumps are needed when rainwater/surface water cannot naturally flow to an outlet point - Either to a street table or stormwater mains connection point. Surface water needs to escape, so it doesn’t damage the foundations or structures around the house.

So how do sumps and sump pumps work?
As it rains and water builds up, it will flow to a low point which is where the surface grates or sumps are placed, the water flows into the sump or grate and flows down a pipe until it enters the sump pump - basically a small or large chamber that holds water with a pump in it. As the sump fills with water the water level will rise, and once it reaches a certain level it will trigger the float switch on the pump to turn it on. The pump then pumps the water through a pressure pipe (rising mains) uphill, to either a street water table or stormwater connection pit.

One thing to remember with a sump pump is that it will need power to run it, so that is an extra cost to consider. Also your engineer may require a backup system of some sort to the pump.

SMT use a local supplier for sump pumps, so once we know what size pump you need, we can order and install them for you.

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